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SAC Pet Resort and Spa


When traveling for business or taking your family on vacation there is enough stress without having to worry about who is going to take care of your beloved animal companion. This is especially true if your pet has a chronic or acute medical condition that requires a caregiver with some veterinary knowledge and experience.

SAC offers veterinarian supervised boarding for companion animals. We are all pet owners and have worked over the years to create a boarding service that reflects how we would want our own pets cared for.

We board dogs, cats, birds and pocket pets. We do require reservations. Kennel cough and other core vaccines are required.

We have indoor kennels only. Each kennel is temperature controlled and has a Karunda bed. Multiple pets from the same home can be kept in the same kennel run. We provide Hill's Science Diet meals, yet owners are welcome to bring their own food, bedding and toys.

We provide separate dog and cat boarding areas. Dogs are walked with a harness three times daily, and we make periodic rounds throughout the boarding facility day and night.

Pets receive a complimentary bath if they are boarding two or more nights.

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Grooming Our grooming facility is called "SAC Pet Resort and Spa." We offer grooming six days a week for all breeds of dogs and cats and each appointment lasts an hour. Grooming prices are dependent on the size/breed of the pet.

Package includes grooming, bath, anal gland expression, and a nail trim. We offer appointments for wing clips and beak and nail trims.

We offer dremeling and teeth and nail trims for all pocket pets.

Please call (740) 353-5758 for an appointment.

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