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Tim Wells, Co-Owner and Registered Veterinary TechnicianTim Wells, Co-Owner, Registered Veterinary Technician

Co-Owner and Registered Veterinary Technician Tim Wells has been with Shawnee Animal Clinic since his senior year in high school. It is the only place he has ever worked and it is a place where he loves working.

"We have great patient care, exceptional client communication, a wonderful staff of doctors and technicians, and we practice compassionate and comprehensive care for multiple species," Tim said about what makes Shawnee Animal Clinic so unique. "The staff goes above and beyond to provide great care and the best medicine possible."

Tim has an associate degree in Applied Science and Veterinary Technology and a B.S. in Animal Science and Agriculture, both from Morehead State University. He is a volunteer at Sierra's Haven Animal Shelter. He is also a Pet First Aid and CPR Instructor through the American Red Cross and an instructor for the Veterinary Assistant Certificate Program at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Tim has twins, Owen and Olivia, and he spends some of his spare time with his French bulldog Candy and toy poodle Molly. He shares his time with his friends and family, playing basketball, tennis, showing Tennessee Walking Horses, and traveling.

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Practice Manager Cathy StricklandCathy Strickland, Practice Manager

Practice Manager Cathy Strickland started with Shawnee Animal Clinic on the very first day we opened on Aug. 1, 1988 and has been here ever since. She's the expert in staff scheduling, payroll, taxes, accounts payable, the human resource department, bookkeeping, and advertising.

"Being part of a great team whose sole purpose is to better the lives of the pets and their families that have entrusted us with their care," Cathy said about what keeps her inspired after 24 years. "I have an unwavering faith in, and complete loyalty for, this practice. I'm always doing my best to be fair and have the courage and conviction to remain so no matter what the case may be."

Cathy has two German shepherds, Champ and Bandit and enjoys spending time with her family and drag racing.

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Karla McClary, IT ManagerKarla McClary, IT Manager

IT Manager Karla McClary oversees inventory management at SAC. She is in charge of ordering and managing all the inventory needed to run the practice, and she installs and maintains our computer hardware and software. Karla said she finds "the most satisfaction in finding good deals on the supplies she purchases for the office and passing those savings along to our clients." She has been with SAC since 1990.

"The dedication and diversity of our doctors creates a strong team which our technicians and other support staff fully complements," Karla said about why she enjoys working at SAC. "We are proud to offer the newest advances in medical care in our area and constantly strive to improve so we can be sure our patients are receiving the best medical care available."

Karla is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association.

She has two dogs, Mackinac and Rimshot, and a cat named Hobo.

Karla and her husband Allen have eight grandchildren, ranging from 6 months to 16 years. Fall and winter are spent watching Cincinnati Bengals and spring and summer are spent camping, enjoying friends and family and their annual vacation to the Upper Peninsula where her family loves to walk the shores of Lake Superior and fish the Tahquamenon River.

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Jared Koch, Veterinary Assistant/IT Specialist

Jared Koch joined the practice in June 2012 and helps out by processing laboratory work, troubleshooting IT issues and assisting the veterinarians. Jared has a bachelor's degree in history and an associate's degree in information technology management.

"I like working at Shawnee Animal Clinic because the staff extends their care to all animals, including exotics and farm animals," he says.

At home, Jared has three dogs- a spaniel mix named Bridgette, a Doberman mix named Heidi and a boxer named Marty McFly. In his free time, Jared likes reading, watching movies, hiking and fishing.

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Stephanie Frederick, Registered Veterinary TechnicianStephanie Frederick, Registered Veterinary Technician

Registered Veterinary Technician Stephanie Frederick is our resident cat whisperer. "I seem to have the ability to calm and soothe cats and handle them in a way that is less stressful for all involved," she said. She brings this calming personality to her other responsibilities, which includes lab work, anesthesia monitoring, surgery prep, emergency care and triage. Stephanie has been with us since July of 2005.

The best part of her day, she said, is "seeing the pets go home healthy and happy." Shawnee Animal Clinic offers "compassionate care for the animals regardless of what the situation is. We go above and beyond to provide the very best of veterinary medicine to every animal," she said.

Stephanie has a B.S. from The Ohio State University and an associate degree in Veterinary Technology from Columbus State, from which she graduated Cum Laude. She also passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam in the summer of 2009.

She has a quite a menagerie at home, including a black lab named Lily, a rabbit named Wee Willy, and five cats, Kiki, Julie, Gidgit, Kenny, and Bojangles. She has two guinea pigs named Squiggles and Wiggles. Stephanie spends some of her free time scrapbooking and crafting. "I am currently working on a scrapbook for the clinic to remember all of our great clients and pets," she said. She also enjoys spending time with her family and nature walks.

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Jessica Mae Hussong, Registered Veterinary Technician

A licensed veterinary technician, Jessica Mae Hussong joined Shawnee Animal Clinic in June 2013, and her responsibilities include patient care, IV and catheter placements, surgical procedures, and assisting with emergencies. With her strong work ethic, bright disposition, and commitment to providing the best care possible, Jessica is an important part of the SAC team.

"The staff at Shawnee Animal Clinic are all very hard working,"she said. "Everyone has friendly attitudes with the best interest of the pets in mind."

Jessica has an Associate of Applied Science degree and is also a licensed horseback riding instructor who teaches people how to ride nationally. She is certified through CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association). She also enjoys training horses and has three horses of her own, Maxi, Ice, and Blitz, along with two Rottweilers, Onyx and Hydra. She spends her free time camping with her horses, trail riding with her family, listening to music, and cleaning.

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Sandra Speadlin, Veterinary Technician

Knowing that she can help animals feel better motivates Veterinary Technician Sandra Spreadlin to do her job well every day. Sandra works at night administering care and medications to the pets at Shawnee Animal Clinic. She joined our staff in February 2013.

Having grown up on a farm and as a current farm owner now, Sandra understands a great deal about animal care. In reflecting on what makes Shawnee Animal Clinic a special place, Sandra says, "The animals here receive very good care. I am proud to work with people who care so much about the animals."

On her farm, Sandra cares for 19 head cattle, one horse (named Shawnee!), and two Australian shepherds. She enjoys barrel racing and is a member of the American Mustang Foundation and the American Quarter Horse Association. She spends her free time riding her horse, leading a 4-H group and taking care of her family.

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Terri Altman, Technician SupervisorTerri Altman, Technician Supervisor

Veterinary Assistant and Technician Supervisor Terri Altman has been with Shawnee Animal Clinic since April of 1995. She assists with monitoring and caring for hospitalized patients, educating clients on their pets' needs and answering owner questions or concerns while their pet is at the hospital. "My heart is truly in my job," said Terri.

"I feel our staff's compassion shows in our work everyday," said Terri about the clinic. "We go above and beyond to provide the most advanced medical care possible for your pet."

She has an associate degree in Computer Information Systems.

Terri brings her compassion home to care for her six cats, Sophie, Booger, Lilly, Miracle, Mogley, and Yin Yang. She has two dogs, Cedar and Kodak. Terri enjoys scrapbooking, shopping and photography.

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Lisa M. Anderson, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Lisa M. Anderson joined the Shawnee Animal Clinic team in November 2009. She cares for our emergency and hospitalized patients and talks with our clients about their pets' conditions. She also assists the veterinarians in exam rooms.

Lisa earned her degree in biology with a biomedical science concentration from Shawnee State University. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

"I love working at Shawnee Animal Clinic because we welcome all pets, large or small, and we do our best to provide each and every one of them with the care they deserve," she said. "I also love that we offer 24-hour emergency services to our clients!"

When not at the clinic, Lisa spends time caring for her small menagerie at home, including dogs Milo, Phoenix, Sage, Gemini, Tynee, and Starr; cats Bearcub, Neptune, Bailey, Chloe, Jay-Z, Winkin, Nala, Paws, and Pamplemoose; and horses Chance, Jade, Aiyana, Aryiana, Rango, Chassis, Leala, Frosty, Chiko, CJ, Champ, Poco, Luna, Leilani, and Koda. She also enjoys spending time with her husband Jason, running, biking, fishing, scrapbooking, swimming, trail riding, and training her horses.

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Nicole Dively, Veterinary Assistant

For Nicole Dively, "seeing very ill pets go home happy and healthy and being able to see the joy in the owners' faces when this happens" is the most rewarding part of her job as a veterinary assistant. She has been with the Shawnee Animal Clinic on a part-time basis since 2009. Nicole received her degree in Animal Science and Pre-Veterinary Medicine from the University of Findlay and is currently attending Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine.

"I love the opportunity to see so many species in one day," she said. "I also enjoy the excitement of never knowing what my day may bring."

Nicole has two guinea pigs, Rosie and Henry. In her spare time, she enjoys scuba diving, tennis, and cooking.

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Janelle Fisher, Veterinary Assistant

Janelle Fisher joined the Shawnee Animal Clinic in March 2012. As a veterinary assistant, her responsibilities include prepping pets for surgery, preparing packs, and assisting the doctors. Having worked most of her life on her father's farm, she is very dedicated to animal care and treats all the pets as if they were her own.

Janelle attended Shawnee State University, where she took the veterinary assistant classes taught by Tim Wells and Dr. Counts—which led her to employment at the clinic. "A dream come true," she said.

In her free time, Janelle enjoys softball, video games, spending time outdoors, and caring for her family, Rachel and Savannah. She has two dogs, a cat, a bird, fire belly toads, and fish.

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Kayla Howard, Veterinary Assistant

As a veterinary assistant, Kayla Howard's responsibilities include assisting the doctors and helping out everywhere she is needed. She brings her positive attitude and dedication, doing her part to provide the best care possible to the clinic.

"I like working here because the staff is great," she said. "Also because I know everyone here is doing their best to take care of the pets and make them better."

In her spare time, Kayla enjoys hunting, four wheelers, fishing, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. She has three dogs, Tinkerbelle, Hercules, and Cabela, that know how to roll over, shake, and sit.

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River Begley, Veterinary Assistant

As one of Shawnee Animal Clinic's Veterinary Assistants, River Begley approaches each day with an open attitude. "I try to learn something new every day," she says. Her responsibilities include patient care, assisting the veterinarians with treatments, and assisting in emergency surgeries. Her favorite part of her job is to help with pet treatments and surgeries and taking x-rays. River joined our clinic in March 2013.

"I love that this clinic is open 24/7 for emergency care," River says. "We're the only one in the area that is open and I think this is a very important aspect of our clinic." A pet owner herself, River is the proud owner of Vincent, a Labrador pit bull mix, and Marshall, a domestic medium hair cat.

When not engaged with her pets, River enjoys reading and watching movies.

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Wendy Bauer, Veterinary AssistantWendy Bauer, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Wendy Bauer has been with SAC since 1998 and has worked with animals since 1994. Wendy works in staff development, client education, as a surgical assistant, marketing and "being an advocate for every pet." Wendy has outstanding communication skills with clients and goes out of her way to create relationships with the pets themselves.

"At SAC, pets are treated like family – even behind closed doors. We are truly here for the right reasons," she said of life at the clinic. "The staff is like family here, not just co-workers. I love that we go above and beyond to every pet that comes here."

Wendy has two indoor dogs, Chippy and Nike, and two outdoor dogs, Milkbone and Syrup. She is a member and donor to PETA and the ASPCA. She spends her outside time with her family, watching her sons play ball, cooking, shopping, and entertaining family and friends. Wendy has been married to her husband, Adam, for 14 years. They have two sons, Kolton (12) and Kason (8).

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Jennifer Kelly, Veterinary AssistantJennifer Kelly, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Jennifer Kelly joined the staff of Shawnee Animal Clinic in July of 2006. She's involved in all aspects of patient care, including giving medications, performing and assisting with treatments, patient monitoring, placing IV catheters, drawing blood, running lab tests and much more. Jennifer has a bachelor's degree with concentrations in Natural Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Geology.

"I really enjoy working at Shawnee Animal Clinic because I believe we make a difference in the animals' lives. We are compassionate and understanding to the clients and pets," Jennifer said.

She shares her home with several pets, including her dogs, Bayleigh, Mollie, Muttco, and her cats, Mia, Daphne, Callie, Jasmine, and Luna. She spends her time away from the clinic with her young son, shopping, doing yard work, and taking walks.

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Niki Ramey, Veterinary AssistantNiki Burchett, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Niki Rae Burchett has been with SAC since April of 2009. She ably assists the doctors in all areas of the practice and brings her positive energy into the office everyday. "This clinic has state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional companion animal care," Niki said about the clinic. "We have five intelligent, highly qualified doctors and a great staff that works well with each other. I am thrilled to be working at Shawnee Animal Clinic where I can use my skills and compassion to keep my friends' and neighbors' pets as healthy as possible."

Niki reminds everyone to "Save lives- spay and neuter!"

She is currently enrolled in Cedar Valley Technical School. She has a black poodle named Ozzie and a black Lab named Bailey. She has two domestic shorthair cats named Shae and Cameron. Niki spends her free time with her husband. She enjoys bowling, hanging out with friends and family, roller skating, playing softball, 4-wheeling and riding bikes.

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Kaylee Ross, Veterinary AssistantKaylee Ross, Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant Kaylee Ross is always smiling, friendly, compassionate and caring. She brings these qualities to her work at SAC, which includes emergency services and assisting doctors and the other technicians. She has been with the clinic since 2009.

"Shawnee Animal Clinic provides excellent emergency services, patient care, client education, and disease awareness," said Kaylee about the work we do here. "Even though we are a large practice, we treat our clients and their pets like family."

Kaylee has a degree in Biomedical Sciences from Shawnee State University. She has four dogs: Toby, a Yorkshire terrier; Daisy, a chihuahua; and border collies Molly and Kelsee. She has a cat named Burley and an Arabian horse named Mony.

Kaylee was a Shawnee State University cheerleader and she enjoys horseback riding and couponing.

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Krissy McDaniel, Veterinary Assistant and Registered Pharmacy Technician

Having trained and shown horses professionally since 1997, Krissy McDaniel joined the Shawnee Animal Hospital in December 2012. Her combined skills as a registered pharmacy technician and horse trainer make her a valuable part of the SAC team.

"I enjoy working with and helping animals and making a difference in their lives," she said.

Krissy is a member of the Paso Fino Horse Association. She has five horses (Ofrenda, Sabrina, Lakota, Rosie, and Wiggy), seven dogs (Ariel, Pablo, Tinkerbelle, Fred, Barrett, Casper, and Marley), five cats (Snowball, Mittens, Phillip, Frankenstein, and Little Jane), a rabbit (Anna), three ducks (Peepers, Quakers, and Miss Daisy), a fish (Mr. Bob), and six chickens. She spends her free time with her family (husband T.J. and daughter Katie), horseback riding, playing softball, gardening, and painting.

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Cassie Smith, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

Applying excellent care to our hospital's pets is what Cassie Smith enjoys most about her job. Her responsibilities include answering the phone, administering medications, pet monitoring, assisting with various treatments and helping with overall customer service. Cassie is a caring and understanding employee and our clients love having her as our receptionist. Enrolled at Shawnee State University, Cassie will graduate with her bachelor's degree in psychology in May 2014. She joined our staff in February 2013.

"Shawnee Animal Clinic strives to provide the best care possible to all the pets that come through our doors," says Cassie. "I am very grateful to be part of this team."

Cassie is a pet owner herself and enjoys caring for her dogs, Dodger and Lucy, and her cats, Wellington, Clover and Swaggart.

In her spare time, she likes to horseback ride, read, learn new things, and watch movies.

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Elizabeth Hankins, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

As both a receptionist and veterinary assistant, Elizabeth Hankins brings her great work ethic and unique personality to Shawnee Animal Clinic. Her responsibilities include assisting the veterinarians with care and treatment of animals, answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and providing excellent customer service. A certified phlebotomist, she especially values being able to work with, and take care of, animals.

"I like working at SAC because of the helpful, friendly staff," she said. "Every day there is something new to encounter, and I feel that I can gain a lot more experience and knowledge working for SAC."

Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys horseback riding and anything related to the outdoors. She has two horses: a Tennessee Walker named Tabu and a Quarter horse named Lilly.

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Dean Vastine, Animal Care Support

Animal Care Support staffer Dean Vastine always brings a smile to someone's face, whether it's a client or patient. He makes sure the patients are always in a clean cage, walks them, feeds and waters them during their stay with us.

"I like this clinic because the people and the animals here have become very dear to my heart," Dean said about working at Shawnee Animal Clinic.

Dean spends his free time watching his favorite TV shows, finding a new baseball cap, gardening, and socializing with his friends.

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Elke Mosley, Animal Care Support

Because she cares for animals as if they were her own, Elke Mosley is perfectly suited to work as one of our Animal Care support staffers. Her responsibilities include cleaning, bathing, feeding, walking and boarding the pets. Of these tasks, Elke most enjoys feeding the animals because she is able to spend some quality time with each one. She joined our staff in May 2013 and likes it here because, in her words, "Shawnee Animal Clinic is a very professional facility and everyone is very friendly."

At home, Elke spends time watching her daughter, cleaning and playing with her dog, Suger, and her two cats, Lucky and Mochito.

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Kayla Bennett, Animal Care Support

Currently enrolled in PennFoster College, Kayla Bennett is studying to be a veterinary technician. Interacting with the animals is her favorite part of her job, which includes cleaning cages and walking the dogs. Kayla joined our staff in April 2013 and this is her first job in the animal care field.

"I love being around animals," she says."I knew as a little girl that I wanted to work around and with animals. I enjoy knowing that I can help them in some way."

At home, Kayla has a boxer puppy named Zeuce Kaliber Bennett. She is the proud mother of two little boys and loves spending time with them.

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Hollie Reed, Animal Care

"My favorite part of my job is spending time with and caring for the wonderful animals," Hollie Reed says. As one of our Animal Care support staff, Hollie's responsibilities include doing laundry, bathing and walking the animals, and attending to the overall care needs of the animals that come to Shawnee Animal Clinic. She treats all the animals like her own and that makes her a very friendly team member. Hollie joined our staff in March 2010.

"I like the friendly atmosphere at Shawnee Animal Clinic," Hollie says. "Their goal is to provide the best services for the animals' needs. Also, the dedication that each staff member provides for the animals is admirable."

In her spare time, Hollie enjoys the company of her three dogs- Betty, Chispa, and Choco- and her cat, Rupert. She likes to spend time with her family and pets.

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Nicholas Clay, Animal Care

Entrusted with animal care at Shawnee Animal Clinic, Nicholas Clay's responsibilities include walking, feeding, and bathing pets. He joined the clinic staff in November 2012 and enriches the environment with his strong sense of organization and time management.

"Shawnee Animal Clinic is a very professional and fun place to work," he said. "Everyone is friendly and helpful."

When not caring for animals at work, Nicholas has many pets to care for at home, including four dogs (Pugsley, Timber, Lucky, and Annie), two horses (Boss and Mac), a mini-horse (Buddy), a goat (Fred), five barn cats, and rabbits. He is currently enrolled at Morehead State University and enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and fishing.

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Maranda Murphy, Kennel Supervisor

Maranda Murphy has been the kennel supervisor at Shawnee Animal Clinic since September 2012. She walks dogs, feeds and bathes the pets, cleans the kennel areas, and handles the laundry. While she admits to getting particular joy from playing with the puppies, she also finds satisfaction caring for aggressive dogs. "I look at it as a challenge," she said. "I am there to help take care of them."

Regarding SAC, she noted, "Not only is the staff great to work with, but they take excellent care of the animals, which makes SAC a great place to work."

Maranda has five dogs (Roy, Martha, Brownie, Lady, and Duke), three tetra fish (Drake, Ezekiel, and Sparkle), and a dwarf frog, Liam. When she is not working, she spends time with her family and boyfriend, plays with her animals, fishes, rides four wheelers, participates in youth group activities, and takes long walks.

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Vicki Graf, GroomerVicki Graf, Groomer

Groomer Vicki Graf has been with us since October of 2011, but has been working with animals for the past 22 years. Vicki helps bathe, groom and manicure the animals. "I adore working with dogs," Vicki said. "I enjoy everything dog-related. And I like everyone here."

Vicki has four poodles: Kadin, Dara, Molly, and Bea; a toy poodle named Spike and two terriers named Alex and Boomer.

Vicki enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and canning.

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Corella Waring-Hernandez, GroomerCorella Waring-Hernandez, Groomer

Groomer Corella Waring-Hernandez has been with SAC since August of 2008 and was a pet groomer for three years prior to that. She assists with bathing and grooming our dogs and cats and communicates to the doctors any issues she may see with the patients. The best part of her day is "making clients' pets look amazing." She is kind and understanding and has a particular flair for making our animal guests look amazing.

"Because I have the opportunity to not only help pets by making them look beautiful, I can also help the sick pets, help our vets when I see a problem with a pet I'm grooming, and help our clients save money by allowing them to get all their needs filled in one place," said Corella about why she likes working at SAC.

At home, Corella takes care of Shadow, an 8-year old rottweiler; Toto, a 2-year old cairn terrier; Jack, a Scottish terrier; Baby, a 13-year old chihuahua; and her two cats, Tabby and JP. Corella enjoys running, biking, rock climbing/rapelling, basketball, video games, and canoeing.

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Stacy Dodson, Billing and CollectionsStacy Dodson, Billing & Collections

Office Assistant Stacy Dodson has been with SAC since 1999. She assists with accounts receivable and helps answer any questions our clients may have.

In reference to veterinary medical care, "I love the compassion and respect that our clinic brings to southern Ohio," Stacy said.

She has six dogs, named Carlie, Bruce, Frank, Nona, Sam and Sasquatch. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their three sons, reading, and watching TV.

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Michell Counts, ReceptionistMichell Counts, Receptionist

Being a good Receptionist requires a great attitude, and Michell Counts certainly has one. She gives all our clients and pets a cheerful and warm welcome. She has been answering phones, scheduling appointments, greeting clients and helping out in any way possible since September of 2000.

"I like working here because our doctors and staff are great with the animals," said Michell about SAC. "You can tell they really care. I enjoy working with the staff and helping others."

Michell has three dogs, Buddy, Millie and Scrappy. She enjoys taking pictures, spending time with her grandchildren, going to flea markets, and crochet.

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Hilary Koch, ReceptionistHilary Koch, Receptionist

Receptionist Hilary Koch began working with us here at Shawnee Animal Clinic in March of 2012. She answers clients' calls, assists with clients and their pets, and makes sure Moochie & Co. is well stocked. She's currently enrolled at Shawnee State University where she is earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business.

"I really enjoy the friendly environment Shawnee Animal Hospital provides for our clients and staff members," Hilary said.

She shares her home with two dogs, Bridgette and Heidi, and enjoys her time away from the clinic by drawing, painting, hiking, and kayaking.

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Tiffany Schmidt, Receptionist

Tiffany Schmidt joined the staff at Shawnee Animal Clinic in April 2012. As the clinic's receptionist, her responsibilities include checking-in patients, answering the phone, and scheduling appointments. She's a natural animal lover and enjoys greeting all the pets who walk through the door.

"I love working with all the animals that come in to the clinic," Tiffany said. "It's a great environment to work in."

Tiffany has eight pets: four cats, Patch, Zeek, Sebastian, and Buddy, and four dogs, Maddie, Daisy, Mommy, and Pepper. When not working at the clinic, Tiffany enjoys camping, fishing, baking, and spending time with her family and pets.

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Connie Risner, ReceptionistConnie Risner, Receptionist

Receptionist Connie Risner has been helping our clients and their pets at the SAC front desk since October of 2005. She does our scheduling and attends to customer service. "I love helping people," she said about what continues to motivate her.

"I feel this clinic gives exceptional service to all pets with state-of-the-art technology that is not matched in this area," Connie said. "The doctors and the staff are the most caring and qualified that I know."

Connie spends some of her free time caring for her four dogs, Lola, a chihuahua; Honey Bun, a pug; Shooter, a boxer mix, and Quincey, a shepherd mix. She also has two cats, Ozzy and Roy. Connie enjoys cooking, music, and shopping. She is also a proud Sierra's Haven donor!

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Dave Counts, Maintenance ManDave Counts, Maintenance

Dave Counts is our maintenance man and he's the guy who can fix almost anything. He maintains the grounds and buildings. Dave also operates our crematorium. He has been working with SAC since April of 2010.

Dave has three dogs at home, Scrappy, Little Buddy, and Millie. He enjoys his grandchildren, working at home, hunting, cooking, and ATV riding.

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Hollie Reed, HousekeepingHollie Granados, Housekeeping

Hollie Granados has been helping to take care of the patients here at SAC since March of 2010. She walks the dogs, feeds and waters both the dogs and the cats, and generally "pampers" the pets.

"Taking care of and spending time with the animals" is the favorite part of her job, Hollie said.

She has a 2-year old labrador retriever mix named Betty, and two chihuahuas named Choco and Chispa. Hollie loves spending time with her daughter and her pets.

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Shirley Wheeler, Housekeeping

At Shawnee Animal Clinic we take pride in our appearance and we have Shirley Wheeler to thank for that. She's been keeping the clinic in ship-shape condition for the past six years.

"I love all aspects of my job, especially being around the pets," said Shirley. She is always friendly and happy and treats the animals as though they were her human friends. "I love working with animals, and I love the employees that work here."

Shirley has a shih tzu named Muffin and enjoys shopping and taking leisurely walks in her spare time.

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